Chain2Gate is a device that is intuitive, compact and intelligent and is used for monitoring, organising, and managing electric energy in a quick and simple way.



Energy Communities

Street lighting

Smart appliances

Renewable Energy

Small Business

Esco & utilities


Smart home

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CHAIN2 is the only type of technology that communicates with Open Meter

The whole of the Italian market speaks the language of Chain 2!

A market of 32 million second generation meters.


Chain2: Timeline

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The user becomes an active player in Smart Grid

Total monitoring of energy - both produced and consumed - and a smarter use of electric energy


Devices and the Energy Platform

Our family of products consists of solutions designed for different application areas and installation solutions.






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Our Features

Energy Awareness

Warning of energy disconnection

Cost and Revenue Estimates

Warning for Exceeding the Power Threshold

Information on Supply interruption

Peak Shaving e Load Shifting

Demand Response

Scheduled Device Restart

Integrated Voice Assistance

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Vi aspettiamo a ENLIT Francoforte
dal 29 novembre al 1° dicembre

16 April 2021

Among the most recent resolutions issued by @ARERA is 541/2020 which, with the idea of creating an increasingly intelligent and collaborative #InternetofEnergy ecosystem, involves the e-mobility sector. The market prospects that open up are extremely interesting for all the players in the energy system: from the Prosumer user to the aggregator, participating together to satisfy the demand-response logic. MAC closely follows the evolution of this system, including itself as an asset provider with its native #CHAIN2 devices


Chain2Gate was created from one of MAC’s ideas.

A company that designs, develops and produces high-tech products and systems for the building of a sustainable future for over 20 years


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